Wolves in Apeskin

by Dirt Merchant

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FDJ No holds barred stoner metal infused with the blues that comes at you with the speed of an express train. Unrelenting, uncompromising and unbelievable. Favorite track: Unlawful Detainer Blues.
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released March 21, 2013

Recorded by Arthur Rizk



all rights reserved


Dirt Merchant Richmond, Virginia

Jason - Guitar/Vocals
Casey - Drums
Buddy - Bass

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Track Name: Hell
Burning my days away
Making ash out of my hours
And all the seconds in trade
Are turning my blood sour

Can't you tell
This is Hell

With breath of earth
And eyes aflame
If my life's a waste
I only got myself to blame

Can't you tell
This is Hell
Track Name: Naked Ape
Watch the creatures
They consume their surroundings
Watch the cretins breed
Too many primates
Population exploding
Too many mouths to feed

Naked Ape

So for years yeah we watched
From the outside
Sharpening our claws
Couldn't wait to get a taste of your insides
Feasting on your flaws

Naked Ape

Gutted you clean and we
Climbed into your skin
To infiltrate from within
A touch of time and a razor's grin
We are the wolves in ape skin

Naked Ape
Track Name: Low Down Ways
You used me baby
Used me like a tool
But any man who'd do a thousand favors
Is a thousand times a fool

You had me darlin'
Had me beg and plead
I said, I'll be yours, and you'll be mine
And you lied when you agreed

You gotta quit your
Quit your low down ways
I tell ya, I won't stand for it anymore
Any more of my days

You teased me baby
Wasted my money, wasted my time
When you're cold and in your grave
I do believe I'll be feeling fine
Track Name: Unlawful Detainer Blues
End of the month and I gotta choose
Do I eat or do I pay my dues
Counting dollars in ones and twos
Stepping through the holes in my shoes
When the landlord gave me the news
Unlawful Detainer Blues

Living to die, living to lose
Unlawful Detainer Blues

Twenty grand a year, fifty cents at a time
Can't squeeze a dollar out of a dime
Bastards living life so divine
What they do ain't a victimless crime
When landlord gave me the news
Unlawful Detainer Blues

Living to die, living to lose
Been broken down, beaten, bloodied and bruised
Caught me sinning and they strung up the noose
Unlawful Detainer Blues
Track Name: O, Shame
Nothing remains
Hear the refrain
O, shame
Shame, shame

People will say
The light'll lead you away
They're saved
Saved, saved

Tell you to pray
Then demand that you pay
They're all the same
Same, same

No matter what they say
O, ain't but one way
The grave
Grave, grave

Hear the refrain
O, Shame

Nothing remains
But shame, shame